Thursday, December 06, 2007

A n00b to pwn...

Guys, in about 9 1/2 months, we're going to have someone else to play Xbox with. We found out Monday that Amy is pregnant. I just hope it's mine... Either way, I am going to start laying the extra controller on her stomach so it can get used to the button layout as soon as possible.

First real Dr. appointment is next Thursday so we'll get an ETA then. I'll keep you posted.


themom said...


ChumpAssFool said...

WOW! I'm impressed. I didn't even think you guys had sex anymore. Congrats!

slyght said...

hah </sex>, funny. yeah, congrats, and 9-1/2 months? is she some sort of alien-human hybrid?

ChumpAssFool said...

Top 10 Names for 'lil baby Schaefer:
10) Kenley
9) Whoops
8) xXxBabyChi3fxXx
7) Nascar-Drining-Baby
6) theAnti-Greek
5) Bubba Keg
4) Scrotme
3) High-Life-Light
2) Noob
1) B-Town Baby C

themom said...

I like choices #1 and #2 (of Chumps). I have voted.

B Town Big C said...

I like the Gamertag-style name #8. I will call it n00b when it finishes with zero kills on Snowbound (like T the other night). Now that I think about it, my unborn child had the same number of kills as T that match.

Z how does a 9 1/2 month pregnancy make someone an alien human hybrid? Not following that one...

B Town Big C said...

Oh, Z I think I get it now... you were going with my "9 1/2 months we'll have someone to play Xbox with" comment. After I read my last comment comparing T's Snowbound performance vs. a fetus, I got it.