Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks for Nothing

Almost a week ago, I left a post that I wanted to re-design the BTBz Blog. I also asked for some input at to what you liked and disliked. I wanted all the BTBz to have the opportunity to have some say in what they wanted. And with the exception of Big C (who basically suggested more boobs), noone has suggested any ideas. So here's another opportunity to give me some input if you even give a shite. If I don't get some feedback this time, I'm going to assume 2 things:

1) You are completed apathetic and don't care what the fukk the site looks like or how it functions.

2) I am the BTB Gawd of web design and whatever I choose to do will be so absolutely perfect that there's no reason to question any decision I make.

Seriously though, I would like some ideas, or at least acknowledgment that you like something and would like to keep it. I'm even open to suggestions from non-BTBz that read the blog and have any ideas. I'm desperate here. I'm begging you.

Thank you.


B Town T said...

More boobs sounds good to me. I agree with adding something to the left side of the page. Any chance we can get the scrolling pics back up top? Take our Live account tags and put them on the left.

B Town Chump said...

The tricky thing about adding content to the left is leaving enough space for everything else, that is the main content area (where the posts are) as well as the other sub-content (stuff on the the right). My biggest concern is leaving enough room in the main content area for large or oversized videos to fit nicely without breaking the layout.

Basically, I was going to stay with the two-column layout as is, but if everybody else wants a three-column layout, let me know and I'll work it in.

slyght said...

2 columns, shrink the black margins, that is, widen the post area, even possibly shrink the right sidebar width. there isn't anything of real importance over there that would be affected.

i checked the site stats, only 4 of about 100 visitors uses anything less than 1024x768, so i'd say, code t o that width, those 4 people... sorry, but the needs of them many outweight the needs of the few.

i prefer cool colors, but that isn't very BTown.

maybe make a dropdown for the archive, kinda like on mine, takes up less space.

get rid of the barcode clock. totally cool, but i'm guessing no one really sees it because it is so far down the page. i forgot it was there until i just check the archive list.

more later.

themom said...

You guys have such cool ideas, but I am still envisioning the BTB GAWD...with a celestial aura around him!!!! Such a visual...just joking guys. Have at it!

B Town Chump said...

good suggestions, Z. I was tossing the idea around of coding for 1028, but that's still considered a "bad practice." I may tinker with a fluid layout, that scales to the browser window, but that's a lot of work with very little payoff if only 4% have less than 1028. And then that opens up more problems if someone has a really large browser window too. We'll see.

I am going to lose the barcode clock. It was just one of those things that was cool at the time and I never got around to taking it off. Not too sure about the drop down archive. I like the clean look, but without the expanded archive, the right side might look too empty (I'm going to remove the "Where's Wasko" milk carton.)

I'm also tinkering around with a different color layout, but I don't want to deviate too far from the original.