Monday, December 03, 2007


WTF is going on with this blog?

OK, there's this thing called the Internet. On this thing called the Internet, people often exercise their freedom of speech. Amazingly enough I nor anyone I know have been visited by Bush's stormtroopers yet. I digress. One might even create a web log (or "blog" if you will) on this Internet. These "blogs" are typically set up so that one or several folks with related interests and ideas (I hear they are called "friends") can share these ideas and common interests. In fact, this text has been posted on a "blog" set up by my "friends". Now the funny thing about these blogs is that anyone can read them, but they must type in a Uniform Resource Locator (URL for short) to view the content. This means no one is subject to content of "blogs" unless they type in a URL. This also means that while this "blog" was set up and intended for only a group of "friends" (BTBZ), it is viewed by others as well. Let's go back to the URL for one second. Unless I type in the URL, I cannot view the content and therefore cannot be offended by it. If I am frequently offended by the content posted at a particular URL, I probably shouldn't visit the site going forward.

However, there's a bigger issue with this situation. This isn't a random blog that is being visited. This is the BTBZ blog. I have no personal problem with the anti-everything posts that go up. In fact some of my own posts make the frequent shitting all over God and religion that occurs here look almost acceptable, but only because they were about shit, and they were about my shit, which can be nasty. But I can tell you I don't read a damn one of the anti-Bush, etc. etc. posts I'm damn sure not going to take up arms and try to kill God because of them. I'm not even going to vote. I have a wife who does that. If you want to change the world, posting a three page tirade on Bush, Catholism, and Jesus Christ isn't doing shit and won't ever do shit. Go start a rally. Volunteer for a campaign. Write your fucking congressional representative. I simply don't care about anyone's political or religious views. Your politics and religion or lack thereof are not why I like you people 90% of the time. Posting these rants on a blog, especially this one, with is about as useless as playing Halo 3, Forza 2, GRAW 2, Guitar Hero 3, or Ace Combat 6.

We're not children anymore. Offended? Don't visit the site. Want to make policy? Run for Congress or President. The BTBZ blog isn't anywhere near that powerful folks.

At the very least create a new blog so you don't piss off a "friend".


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

You're right, Clint. If you don't want to read my postings, don't read them. Did I go overboard on my ramblings? Yes. When I read through a dozen news web sites daily trying to get an idea of the world around me, items strike a chord with me, and I become obsessed with learning more. I never like what I read, and, like the blog says, 'The views expressed on this site are the views of its contributors and are not affiliated with any other organization'. The material I've been covering has been on my mind since the first week of November, when I watched a Documentary on PBS. That Documentary opened my eyes to some facts that I wanted to learn more about. It had nothing to do with anything besides that. If you want less political and religious rhetoric then I will refrain (until something else starts to 'grind my gears').

slyght said...

holy BTBz meltdown. i think i need to be in eastern timezone to know the exact details of what happened. does T love clint?