Sunday, January 13, 2008

Are You There???

Z, are you there? Are you all right? Is everything fine? You didn't HURT yourself, did you? You didn't do anything drastic, did you? Remember, you have friends among us. We LOVE you, man. We APPRECIATE you. We are ALL upset, but life must go on. Please, let us know you are ALL RIGHT. Are you there, Z????

Notice: Updated Link


B Town Chump said...

Let's all just calm down. Take a step back. We're not giving Z enough credit. You've got to keep in mind:

1. Z's a survivor.
2. Z's not gonna give up.
3. Z's not gonna stop.
4. Z's gonna work harder.

You know what I'm talkin' about.

slyght said...

NICE... prick. well, i missed the video, it is now removed by user, but i saw the title. she's retired before, then went porn-mogul (not to be confused with skiing moguls), then went back to porn. she's kinda like michael jordan

REDNESS said...

I watched that video waiting for her to announce Russell Wagner or Ryan Noble or Richard Harrison or Bubba Harris as one of the nominees for the award