Friday, January 11, 2008

BTBz Blog... New and Improved

Alright... I've been working on the new BTBz blog for about a month, and I've finally uploaded the new template. I hope you enjoy.

The following is a list of the new and improved features:

1. Larger post area - holds more information to make embedding videos and larger pictures flow better with the layout.
2. Transparency - only available for Firefox and IE 7+ users. The post and link background will appear semi-transparent so that you can see through to the background (see #3).
3. Rotating background - a tricky little piece of coding that allows a randomly selected background to be displayed behind the posts and links. Current backgrounds include: Sunburst, Chevy, Bunnies, Tools, Cocktails, Hazard, Circuit, and Dots. Hit refresh on your browser to reload the background.
4. Updated Contributors - complete with profile picture, real name, and B Town title.
5. B Town Boyz Classics - It's just a quick link list (on the left) to some of the best of the BTBz. Thanks to T for suggesting this one.
6. Header change - I updated the header image and font (more groovy, I think) and removed the blog description.
7. Overall layout change - Updated fonts, spacing, layout, etc...

One thing I did leave out were the XBox Live Gamertags. I know T really liked these but they tended to clutter up the left side, and really, does anyone even care about them?

I didn't want to change too much. In fact I kept the basic blog (layout style and colors) exactly the same. Just wanted to modernize it a bit. Gave me something to do.

Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you don't like something or if you would like me to add something else.


B Town Big C said...

I do enjoy. This looks real purty. Purty enough to kiss. I am at work now but will try to actually provide some input when I get drunk this weekend.

Really like the Contributors section. It's kinda running together on this screen (sorry no time to check resolution but am running IE 7.x) but it's sweet. B Town Eye Candy? PRICELESS!!! Oh hell that is funny as shit.

Does anyone else think Wasko could pass as Kirk Herbstreit? Yeah, we need to lighten his hair and dress him up in a $5000 suit, but I think we could have some fun with it, especially in CBus.

I'm sorry but I miss the Missing! Milk Carton graphic. I still laugh at that every 5 visits to the blog. At least send me the file.

Ok that is all for now as I just had a thought that requires its own post.

B Town T said...

Nicely done. I did like the gamertags, but it would take up a lot of room. Really like the new contributors section. My photo makes me look like a member of the sweaty whores club though. I did notice that while I was cruising through the archives that there's no quick and easy way to get back to the current posts. Can we make the B Town Boyz header a link to get back to the current posts? I agree with Clint on the Missing! Milk Carton. Has Wasko ever posted anything on the blog? Last time I talked to him I asked him if he looked at the blog lately and he said it has been about 6 months since he last checked it, so he really is missing.

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

Thanks for putting my 'Chandler smile' as my photo.

themom said...

great changes...i even like the "most wanted" list with pics.