Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Theme Muzac

Finally heard the theme muzac tonight... I don't have speakers at work. Anyway that is classic stuff. I can't believe Chump found it.

I need to do a top five list of Dunfee memories soon.


B Town T said...

I've got so many memories of Dunfeeisms that still crack me up to this day. I wonder if anyone can beat my record of having Dunfee as a teacher. I had Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics with him in high school. I took a computer class with him at BTC while in high school, and I had a comp class with him while getting my associates at BTC. I might be the only 5 time Dunfee veteran.

One of my favs happened when taking the comp class while in high school. Here's how it went:

Dunfee: "Uh class, how many times have we gone over this?"

Student #1: "Two times."

Dunfee: "Uh no."

Student #2: "Five times."

Dunfee: "Uh no."

Student #3: "Ten times."

Dunfee: "Uh no. Uh Mike, how many times have we gone over this?"

Me: "Umpteen times Mr. Dunfee."

Dunfee: "Uh that is correct."

B Town Big C said...

In no particular order:

1. The Atomic Pile - While watching one of the classic videos from which our theme song was taken, the scientist/host guy was explaining fission. For fission to occur you need an atomic pile. I decided to draw an illustration of the atomic pile for T. Yep, it was a toilet with a mushroom cloud coming out of it. Not one second after I handed it to T, Dunfee called him up to his desk and made him take the illustration up with him.

2. High Bounce Ball - Someone brought a high bounce ball to physics class one day. Someone decided it was a great idea to start bouncing the ball off the wall over Dunfee's head. I went up to his desk to get the full effect when someone smacked the periodic table with the ball. The ball dropped about 2 feet from us. He looked up at me with that weird "I know something's going on but I'm not sure what it is and I don't think I care" look.

3. Someone's Baking Bread! - Kristen Allodi split the outside seam of her jeans while sitting still. Z got horny immediately if not sooner.

4. Row Negative One, Row Twenty Three, etc. etc. - I sat in damn near every row in the room... except Row Zero. I was in the hallway, I was in the lab, in the very back, and most of the rows in between. Awesome.

5. I'll give you 50 cents if you fall out of your seat. - One random boring day, Bob Timberlake told Josh Weber he'd give him 50 cents if he straight fell out of his seat. Weber complied. Believe it or not Dunfee was pissed.

steadman said...

i sat in row zero seat one for my entire dunfee experience...never made it to row negative one(out in the hall) though he threatened quite a bit

B Town T said...

Just to add to C's #1 from my POV, Dunfee calls me up to his desk with said drawing. I'm like "It's physics notes Mr. Dunfee." He gives me the trademark finger point and pull, so I'm thinking this is not good. I get to the desk and give him the drawing. I think he cracked a bit of a smile, but it quickly faded. He says, "Uh Mike, what's this?" I replied that I didn't know. His next words were "That Clint Schaefer is a bad influence on you." He then proceeds to move me over by Weber and Timberlake. The next day(I think) he moves C over there as well. I think that's when event #5 happened. What really cracks me up is everytime me or C would get in trouble Dunfee would move one of us. Within a week he would move the other into the same area.

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

my TI-81 graphing calculator was the most requested item i had in that class. i put the answers on it and let people borrow it. dunfee never caught on.

B Town T said...

Note: Big C has asked me and my mad story telling ability to re-create an event that occurred one day. This story shall be told from my POV as it unfolded in from of me.

A long, long time ago in a Physics class far, far away...

Well you get the idea.

One day I entered physics and took my seat just the same as any day. But, this was to be no ordinary day. Soon people started to enter the room. We'll focus on two people: Clint, and a girl we will refer to as "BC".

BC entered the room in front of Clint and for some reason(probably to talk to someone) she stopped in the middle of the aisle. At this point, Clint was trying to make his way to his desk and jokingly told her to "Move it, you're holding up the line." BC stuck out her ass right into Clint. Where you ask? Down there.

She then moved along to her seat and Clint took his seat. Believe it or not, Clint was speechless. He had the same look as Homer Simpson holding a doughnut and a can of Duff beer. You get my point.