Thursday, January 31, 2008

There's a change on the horizon

The UFL as we knew it is gone. Everyone say hello to Draft and Play. Biggest changes are an automated draft where you rank the drivers that you want and are assigned them based on availability and we're also going from 6 teams to 8 teams. Also, points will be awarded for finishing position and qualifying position. We'll need a couple more people for the league. I vote for the return of Slingnuts and the addition of Wasko. Both will take the new league as serious as the rest of us. Registration starts tomorrow(Feb 1) at noon. Oh and yes it is free.

Update1: Private leagues are able to do a live draft similar to how we used to bid on drivers. Also, instead of 3 starters and 1 benched driver it is now 4 starters and 2 benched drivers.

Update2: I emailed to see if in fact the UFL was done and to see if it was replaced by Draft and Play. Their response is "The only fantasy games we have this year are the ones listed on the website."

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