Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't Forget to Download Undertow

Just a reminder that XBox is giving away Undertow for free, now through Sunday. Go to Marketplace and look for Undertow under the "All Games" category. I'm sure the game will suck (I mean, they are giving it away), but nevertheless, free is free. I guess its got a pretty cool multiplayer, so who know? I'm downloading mine now. Let me know when you've got yours.

UPDATE: 1.25.08
I know I said free is free, but don't waste your time downloading this piece of crap. No wonder Microsoft is giving it away. I would feel robbed if I had to lay down even 100 measly Microsoft points for this steaming pile.

Here's my review...
I played the first (tutorial) level last night, and that was enough for me. The synopsis of the game is this... you are living underwater for some reason I could care less about, and the object is to take over the ocean by swimming to and standing in "control points". Its very similar to the territory control game in Halo. The first thing you notice when you start the game are the stunning graphics. I must say this is the ONLY strong point. The underwater level looked amazing, even on my SDTV. But that's what's so odd. The developers spent way too much time building an awesome 3D environment for a 2D game and obviously forgot to include the basics, such as fun. I want to stress that this is a 2D game! Even though it looks 3D and it wouldn't have been too difficult for the designers to make it 3D like we're all used to now, it's as friggin' 2-dimensional as PacMan. There is absolutely no depth to the game at all. I'm talking about strictly x and y axis play. You can swim right and left, and up and down. It's nice to see an X360 game (sic) that can be played on the 8 bit Nintendo. (Okay, okay... I realize it's an "ARCADE" game. But, I mean, give me a break. I want a little better game than this.)

From what I could tell, you are a little, tiny swimming figure and you swim around this board haphazardly shooting other swimming figures. The figures were so small, I couldn't figure out if I was actually hitting the damn things or not. I guess I was because some would explode, and some would just disappear. So while you're shooting these things, there are two numbers at the top of the screen, which I would assume would correspond with your life and your enemy's life. But shooting the enemy or getting shot did little to affect these numbers. And while the object is to take over "control points" to make your enemy lose "tickets," I could only figure out how to take over one "control point" even though the tutorial tells you exactly how to do it. Eventually, after five minutes of randomly shooting things that just don't stop coming, the game ended and I won the round with a bronze medal. Woooo Hoooo! I just wished I knew what the hell I did to win it.

Overall, this game is so bad, it literally made me bleed out of my ass! If you do want to waste your time downloading and playing it, be my guest. Maybe I'm just missing something and you can let me know what the hell is going on. It's ironic that Microsoft is giving this game away because of problems with LIVE, yet to make up for their mistake, they offer this one lousy game for free (maybe another mistake). I think they should have paid US to download this turd of a game.


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

i almost forgot. with have to reformat my computer from scratch and reformat my cell phone over what i thought was a 'virus' that didnt' turn out to be a virus (i think) for the past two whole days, i wouldh've downloaded it sooner.

B Town T said...

Probably will download today. Was going to yesterday, but got caught up playing Burnout Paradise.

B Town T said...

Hey if this game is going to make me bleed out of my ass, then I've got to download it. That's too much to pass up. Sounds like it doesn't even compare to the fun and free Aegis Wing. Delete it and make some room for Burnout Paradise.

B Town Big C said...

I'm going to download it just like I downloaded Yaris for free. I'm sure I can whore 25 gamerpoints out of it. I am such a slut.