Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Never Played It, But...

I remember going down to Athens one Halloween to see everybody crammed in 1 dorm room playing 'Goldeneye' for the N64. I never had a N64 myself, so I never partake d in the action (I only played it for about 5 minutes). But I can still sometimes hear of those times down Athens playing 'Goldeneye' for hours on end, sans studying and homework.

Well those fans of the old Bond game might like THIS.


B Town Chump said...

Funny... I too remember playing Goldeneye, and it was only at Athens. I had Goldeneye for XBox, but rarely played it because it was an older title and there was never anyone on Live for the multiplayer.

I remember playing in Athens and hating it because everyone was an expert and I had no idea what was going on. It's like playing Halo the first time before learning all the maps.

I am looking forward to the arcade version. We're all going to have to download it, and enjoy some old school Bond multiplayer.

B Town T said...

WHO WANTS PIECES? I'm so excited I just left a spot on the floor at work. I can't wait for this.

B Town Big C said...

I think this calls for a top five list of C's Bond memories:

#5. Me and Rob got drunk (imagine that) and beat the hell out of Sweet Milli and Ed. The best part was that Milli gave Ed shit for it and that pissed off Ed, who didn't care and was just having fun... Ed's revenge was #4.

#4. Bonus Man. If Rob and I weren't laughing enough being drunk and pwning Milli, Ed decided to show Milli that he didn't give a damn about winning or losing. Ed stopped shooting and started running around. Anytime his character ran past you, he'd go "Hello. I'm TV's Bonus Man." Oh man that was so funny. Milli got so pissed and quit. No one know where Bonus Man came from but it lives on to this day.

#3. "Hey Ladies, wanna Bond it up?" -Steve- Steve was an ex-high school jock who hung a newspaper picture of himself making a huge tackle. When you read the article, you find out the kid was calling for a fair catch and Steve fukking plowed his ass anyway (and got flagged for it). He would randomly show up in the doorway wanting to play some Bond and it was amazing how many times we actually DIDN'T want to play Bond... usually only because we'd just finished playing and was going to watch WCW.
"Wanna Bond it up?"
"No Steve, we just played for 5 hours and now it's time for WCW"
"What? You afraid I'll beat your asses."
"Yeah Steve, we are. Maybe tomorrow."

#2. Sheep Dog's verbal diarrhea. I hated Sheep Dog with a passion when I first met him, but I have to admit, he was just so damn funny. He would spew the most random trash talk and it was funny as hell. I can't give you one single quote I remember from playing Bond with him, I can just remember laughing at him.

#1. "Proxy mines, bathroom". We played this game variant the most BY FAR. You know how I love the Elevator of Death in Halo? Well, this was 1000 times better. Everyone wanted to get in the bathroom. Why did everyone want in the bathroom? I have no idea. My best guess is that Sheep was talking shit again and we all decided to go up and kill him. At any rate, it became kind of like a King of the Hill match, except there is no official KotH variant in Bond. So quite literally, we were playing for shits and giggles. You would see one corner of the screen turn red and you would hear the Bond theme and just start laughing. Proxy mines are easy to hide and scare the shit out of you when they go off. Or maybe you are planting a mine but someone else planted one nearby. When your mine sails past the first one, it explodes all up in your face and kills you (more laughing ensues).

Oh my, good times. Good times. And believe it or not, it actually has a really good single player mode. It follows the movie almost to a T, and throws in some bonus levels.