Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ideas for Chump's Bachelor Blowout 2008

With Z being in Egypt, Chump has asked me to plan his bachelor party. While talking to Chump on Sat. night we came up with a couple of ideas that I wanted to run by everyone and also get Z's input.

Option #1: Being in Columbus we have the ability to fly a few places using Skybus for around $200 round trip each. An idea we came up with is to fly to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for an extended weekend probably in March. I checked on Skybus's website and they have a flight leaving Columbus on March 7 and returning on March 10 for $220.00 each round trip. $125 to fly out and $95 to fly back. Skybus also flies out of Greensboro, NC so Big C would be able to make the flight from there to Ft. Lauderdale and back for $160.00. While there we can hit up the beach, clubs, and possibly hang with the infamous Jim Johnson, if he would like to put up with the B Town Boyz. I'll leave that up to Chump if he would like to discuss it with Jim.

Option #2: Roadtrip to Windsor, Canada. Windsor is notorious for troublemakers like the B Town Boyz. Plenty of bars, "clubs", and accomodations. Chump and I met a guy from Windsor, who was having a bachelor party in Columbus for one of his buddies, at Frog Bear and Wild Boar on Sat. night. He highly recommends Windsor and suggests going to Leopards and Cheetahs. We do not need passports to drive into Windsor, just north of Hockeytown USA, Detroit. You do need a passport if flying into Canada. Big C could fly into Cbus on Skybus for less than $100 and we could all load up into a vehicle or two and make the drive north. They have a Harrah's Hotel and Casino that might be a good idea for accomodations.

Let me know what you guys think of the two options we came up with or any other suggestions.


B Town Big C said...

Here are my thoughts:

Option #1 Pro: SPRING BREAK!! College boobs everywhere!

Option #1 Con: SPRING BREAK!! College cock everywhere. Wait... you say they are all drunk too and doing all the work so we can see the boobs for no effort? OK, I'm sold. This is now a Pro.

Option #2 Pro: Freaking gambling!

Option #2 Con: Freaking gambling!

Option #2 Pro: Saying "eh" at the end of EVERY sentence.

Option #2 Con: Getting my ass beat for saying "eh" at the end of EVERY sentence.

OK seriously I have two questions (both options sound good right now)...
First, how long is that roadtrip to Windsor from Columbus?
Second, what are the odds we get snowed in in Windsor in March?

slyght said...

if we wait until the weekend before the wedding, i might be able to make it. chad won't be busy anyways, jackie will be taking care off all the details.

windsor sounds like a good time. i was just there a bit ago. nice place. cheetahs is grand.