Friday, January 11, 2008

B Town Gear?

To the B Town Nation, what do you think of getting some "official" B Town items made? Chump and I have both designed some pretty sweet shirts in the past (LQA and Big C's Haus of Homebrew). I actually thought about doing this for T's bachelor party but alas, I ran out of time. Also, I wanted it to be a collaboration so that everyone had a chance to provide some input and get excited about it, like Chump did with the blog design.

I'll tell you I don't know how much custom crap costs anymore. I did my shirt through in 2004 and it cost me about $25 for a long sleeved t-shirt with a pocket graphic on front and a full back graphic. This time though I was thinking more along the lines of something like a baseball jersey (the game jerseys, not the 3/4 sleeve t-shirts) or a bowling shirt (my first thought for the shirts I never made). Coincidently enough, the new B Town font would look totally groovy on the back of a bowling shirt. Not saying we have to use anything we already have though... just my thoughts. Also was thinking of having it embroidered instead of the dye sublimation printing we had on the t-shirts. Again, not sure of cost or options on that, just a thought. And it doesn't have to be a shirt. I'm sure we could do mugs, hats, panties, and toilet paper if we wanted.

Chump, obviously a lot of the graphic design would go to you in the end, so I guess I'm asking you first if this is something you'd be willing to put some time in. To everyone else, including contributors and readers, is this something we should look at doing? Let us know what you think.


B Town T said...

Sounds cool to me. I'd be in for something like that. I like the idea of an official B Town Boyz jersey.

B Town T said...

I want a pair of the panties as well.

themom said...

I think it would be a great idea...then I could tell you all apart. Panties are a good thing too!

B Town Chump said...

I'm all about this. Especially the bowling shirts. Let me know if everyone else is interested and what you want, and I'll design something and find a place to make them.

I'm picturing the bowling shirt with the BTB logo (like in the header) on the back with our real name embroidered on the front. Good stuff. I'll look into it.