Friday, February 15, 2008

C's Future Job

Acheivement Whores - Watch more free videos


B Town Big C said...

My rate's a dollar a kill base, plus an additional dollar per Achievement point when the acheievement is earned. You get a 10% discount if you are make it through the mission. Thanks.

Let's get a ballpark on what Wasko owes me:

Item 1: Caldera, 73 kills - 10% discount for living = $79.20

Item 2: Outpost, 47 kills +10% because that level is a bitch and you died only 6.5 minutes in = $68.20

Total: $147.40

Pay up or I will get my pimp T on your ass.

B Town Chump said...

Yeah right... If you want Wasko to pay up, posting on the blog is probably the least likely way to let him know. I think the ONLY time he's even seen this blog was the day T pressured him to sign up. That was 2 years ago.