Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gay Men, Part Deux

Well, I am trying to do another week of commentary of American Idol (or AI according to THOSE people). I am so sick and tired of this drivel which is modern music. Give me '90's alternative' or 'Hard Attack' on Sirius Satellite Radio. Who knows how last year's winner, young black chick who is daughter of an NFL defensiveman, is doing. These people have no talent.

I don't even care to even do an individual commentary of each contestant. Most are not even inspiring me enough to think of something derogatory to say about them. But a few of them 'grind my gears' (because of how oblivious they are to their own deficiencies).


'I am a rocker, dude' guy: dude, you are not a rocker. you make Daughtry look and act like Gene Simmons. no matter how much you tell yourself you can get the 'rock' minutia of the population, you have no ROCK aspect in your repertoire. Scott Waters has more 'rocker' than him.

super, SUPER, super, SUPER, SuPeR, sUpEr, Gay Sanjaya!!!!

I can't help but look at the comb-over. Grow that mullet longer; it might take my attention from all the neck hair on the forehead. New Rule: if you call yourself or someone calls you a 'rocker' then you have to lite a "J" on stage or expose yourself on the live show. That is what real rockers do. Not sell-out for corporate America. 'Rocker' means struggle, playing in dive bars, and road hoes. Not FOX primetime and 10 year old girls deciding your fate.

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Anonymous said...

It was exposed last night that the first guy you mentioned, robbie carrico has a wig on, lol go figure but check it out here

Steadmans mom