Wednesday, February 20, 2008

man, i need to get an XBOX here

i'm jonesin' for my XBOX360. since i've been in egypt, i've started eating healthier and joined gold's gym (tonight is night #2), but i still have my vices. i bought my first flatscreen, a 42" LCD from phillips. i flashback to playing GRAW2 on JHo's flatscreen, and it was an almost religious experience. i brought my harddrive and games, i just need to find an XBOX now. MAYBE i can wait until april when i head back to the states to bring my XBOX back with me. either way, i think i want to buy one of these jackets. i just need to find the compatible games (the net here is slow, so i couldn't watch the movie). this is such a great and frivolous idea, i just KNOW i need to get one. click on the picture to read more about this "force-feedback" vest.

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B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

games in Egypt won't pay on an american 360. just like american dvd's won't play on a foreign dvd player from another country (i think). and the harddrive is tied to your 360 back home, you cant just plug it in any 360 (DRM's). so you probably have to get one there (i think).