Friday, February 08, 2008

UFL and Bracketology... reborn???

As me, T, and Wasko played what can only be described as the most explosive game of GRAW 2 that made you wet your pants laughing ever, we got to talking about the old Bracketology games I did for the Nascar season a few years back. The problem was that it was fairly time consuming each round to generate the bracket, and then it was more time to go through each entry each week and do the results.

However I have been using Access to develop some apps for work during the past two years and recently decided I was going to learn "real" mySQL and one or more other languages to develop web apps (probably .NET as I've heard it is the most secure but that could be incorrect... I don't have much first hand knowledge on that front) to utilize the mySQL database. I would do Bracketology in Access just to get it off the ground (I'm looking at trying to have that ready to go for the 6th race) and then a dry run of UFL later in the year, depending on when I actually get competent. That way we could roll it out for the beginning of 2009.

Or I may get busy and not do any of it. Who knows... but I like to think I'll try to do it anyway.

Back to video games before I take off... it's Late Nite GRAW 2 tonight around 11:00. Bring your Zeus and plenty of grenades... it's gonna be a frag-fest.

God bless The Beer Belly.

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