Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time to Get Yo Fit On

I just wanted to let everyone know (at least those that are in my wedding party... T, Redness, JHo, Big C, and Big Z) that NOW is the time to get fitted for your tux's. You can get fitted anytime before March 12th (that give you three weeks or so), before you'll have to pay extra for a "rush fee." You can get fitted at any "TUX" (formerly After Hours) location. All groomsmen are getting $20 off per rental, so the total is roughly $140 after tax, etc... As of last Friday, noone except for myself has been fitted. That included you, Z, who assured me that you were fitted before leaving for Egypt, you lying prick! You can choose to pick up your tux from any location, even the St. C store if you plan to be back in the valley that day. Pick up is Thursday, April 10th for the April 12th wedding. Let me know if anyone has any questions.

SPECIAL ASIDE FOR BIG Z: Apparently you lied about being fitted, or After Hours / TUX doesn't have a record of your sizes. Either way, they will need your measurements before 3.12.08. When you get the opportunity, get measured in Egypt and send those numbers to TUX, or even easier, get them back to me and I will call them in for you. Best bet would be to send them to me via email.

PS: Please, when you read this, post a small comment to let me know that you read this post. If I don't see a comment, I will be calling you in a couple of days.


slyght said...

dude, i SOOO got fitted for your tux at the st. c store. wtf?! at the time, they told me you hadn't picked out the entire ensemble yet, so they'd measure me for everything, and then add the rest of your set to my list later.

i'll talk to my mom to see if she can find the receipt with measurements. dude, guys over here don't wear suits. i have no clue where i am going to get fitted when i'm working like 14 hours a day, but i'll do what i can.

B Town T said...

Got it. Hey Z if you're sizes are still the same from my wedding just have them pull that. They should have it on file still. Not sure though.

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

i know i know

B Town Chump said...

Z... talked to your mom. Everything is all good. Turns out they can't spell Polivka and/or Bonenberger. Go figure!

B Town Big C said...