Friday, February 22, 2008

Rockband News

Big C has finally broke down and purchased Rockband. Quoted as saying "I hate myself for doing it."

Also, this weeks DLC is the NIN pack that I was talking about. It was supposed to be released in the middle of March, but has been moved up to Tuesday.

March of the Pigs
The Collector
The Perfect Drug

All three are master tracks. 160 ms points each or 440 for the pack.

Check it out here.


B Town Chump said...

Yeah... it was just a matter of time before you broke down and bought it. Your unborn will understand.

Speaking of breaking down to buy it... In 5-10 days I will have Forza 2 (brand new) delivered to my door for the low, low price of $17.50 (including shipping.) Thank you ebay!

slyght said...

i'm ALL over this when i get back to the states. i'll have to pick up my XBOX, and bring it over. we'll have to set up a time and i'll reznor like there is no tomorrow.